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strsafe lib and header?

Michael Hentschel

Keith Marshall wrote:
 > Umhm.  Why did you hijack the w32api announcement thread, to ask the
 > unrelated question quoted below?  Please do not do this again; it
 > isn't polite, and it isn't in your own interest, because you are more
 > likely to simply be ignored.
 > New topic --> new thread, please.

Sorry, that was not on purpose. Hope, this one ended up in the right

 > On Wednesday 10 September 2008 10:53:02 Michael Hentschel wrote:
 >> Is the strsafe library implemented in MinGW? I couoldn't find it
 >> anywhere. Or, what is the best way to implement safe formated
 >> outputs (including floats)?
 > AFAIK, no such implementation exists; there isn't one sanctioned
 > specifically for use with MinGW.  However, you should be able to
 > achieve the same capabilities, in a more portable fashion, using our
 > C99 compliant snprintf() or vsnprintf() implementation.

perfect, that will do the job.

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