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ssh will sometimes hang after a few seconds

Tor Arvid Lund

I am running msys on a Vista 64 box, and sometimes when I try to ssh
to my Ubuntu box, ssh will hang after a few seconds. I'll be typing
text in the terminal window, and everything just stops... ctrl-c does
not work, but if I manage to kill the bash process on the Ubuntu box
manually, my msys window will return me to bash locally. So somehow,
it seems ssh-related to me...

I tried googling it, to no avail, so I thought I'd check if anyone has
experienced this problem, and if maybe a solution exists...

Rebooting the Vista box usually fixes the problem for a few
hours/days, but if/when it re-occurs, it seems to continue until the
next time I reboot. I am running the msys version that is supplied
with msysgit (basically an installer that bundles msys and the git scm
software). After noticing this problem, I tried upgrading some of the
msys files (the msys dll v 1.0.11, current versions of openssl and
openssh), but it did not make the problem go away...

What can I do to debug, or otherwise provide useful feedback to you on
this issue? I have admin privileges on both the Vista and Ubuntu
boxes, but I don't quite know where to start. Help is much

Tor Arvid Lund

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