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[pexports-0.47] suggested PATCH (leakage, usage screen)


Attached a patch for the package pexports (version 0.47) for your consideration. This is the result of the work when trying to use and understand it.


·       reduced memory leakage (by using the reactivated functions ‘str_tree_free’ and ‘str_list_free’ (where the latter now returning the pointer to the copied string) in the lexer and bison parser; I am not sure why the memory housekeeping routines were dropped from an earlier version)

·       slightly enhanced usage screen to better show options

·       some minor edits


There is no change to the functionality of the package. I moved the definition of the ‘struct str_list’ to ‘str_tree.h’ to make it available in other files more easily. As a suggestion, all of the ‘str_list_...’ stuff could be jointly moved into one single module to avoid extern calling statements. Certainly, I do leave this with you, Keith, how you prefer to organize the package.


I hope that the attached patch won’t be ignored by the list server. If so I will just send an email with the content of the patch file afterwards.




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pexports-0.47.patch (4K) Download Attachment