newbie question when debugging wxWidget project

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newbie question when debugging wxWidget project

I just installed code::blocks and mingw and compiled wxWidget to build
some projects.

I build the project with "debug version" with " debug wxWidget
librarys". Which means that I can debug my apps and even I can go step
into the wxWidget source files.

Here comes my problem:

It seems that the build is ok, and the app can run very well. But when I
use the code::blocks to try to step into the wxWidgets source code. GDB
reported "can't find source file AAAA/BBBB.cpp". But I'm surely that I
installed wxWidget in another folder, so, GDB complaints that it can't
find the true path.

My question is: Is there a way to set a "path" to get GDB know where the
source is? It seems that GDB can not guess the path from a loaded debug
version DLL of wxWidgets.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your attention on my post!

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