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htmlhelp.lib and Windows 7 SDK

Thomas Steinbach

if I try to compile my project with mingw and using
the "htmlhelp.lib" from the Windows7 SDK I get the error:

: undefined reference to `__security_cookie'

because there is a new switch /GS in newer SDKs.
for some "security" enhancements. AFAIK prevent buffer
overflows, etc.

I can compile with the old lib from 1999, but not
with newer versions of the lib.

But how can I compile my mingw projects with this
newer lib? Do I have to add additional libs? Which one?

I testet libs from the sdks of xpsp2, server2003sp1+r2
sdk 61 (vista) and sdk 7.0 windows 7. Always get this
__security_cookie error and sometimes additional errors.


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