Warnings fromm the system *.h files which seems not to be compatible with std c99

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Warnings fromm the system *.h files which seems not to be compatible with std c99

Thomas Steinbach

I'm just a simple user of mingw and have many warnings, which
tells me that "something" is a GCC extension. (more than 200 warnings)

C://mgw4/mingw/include/winnt.h:1595: warning: type of bit-field 'BaseMid' is
a GCC extension

within all the system files :-(
Why these warnings comes up and how to compile a std c99 (plain C)
with the mingw (gcc 4.x.x) compiler collection?

I'm new to mingw gcc 4.x but it looks to me that older standars, like
-std=c99, are not well supported. Perhaps the gcc 4.x is used to be more
compatible and useable with c++ ... hmmm, not sure... but that are my fist
impressions, because I don't have such warnings (errors) with gcc 3.x

I'm using th following line to catch all warnings (errors) in _MY_

CFLAGS      = -c -O2 -Wall -pedantic -std=c99

but get so many warnings from the system *.h files :-(
Why and what can I do to catch only these restrictive warnings for _my_
sourcecode? Which C standard should be used with Windows (plain C)


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