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Updated: gdb[-python]-7.4-2

Chris Sutcliffe-2
With much appreciated help from asmwarrior, I've uploaded gdb 7.4-2.
The short lived '-1' release had a packaging error so was never
announced or available via mingw-get.  This release is based the
official gdb 7.4 release with 3 key patches from asmwarrior:

1, DLL breakpoints patch: (This change will make gdb return a
"full_path" of the filename, and it will match you breakpoint's line
specification: bp full_path:line.  Otherwise, it will return a
"compiled in path", which will not match your line specification.

2, gdb's own python script(run at start up) can find it's shared path,
so I hard-code to change the gdb_datadir value, this is only used in a
python-enabled gdb.

3, another change to utilis.s (adding a get_app_fullpath() function to
support the patch 2, the first piece of this patch may be already in
gdb 7.4 release, it enhances the gdb_realpath() function)

Additionally, this release has been patched to support shared
libraries (as opposed to building with static libraries) to reduce
file size.

I've also switched to the mgwport framework for compiling and
packaging this release, so it's been split in to 2 releases, gdb and
gdb-python.  The gdb release is gdb 7.4 with the above patches,
gdb-python is a python enabled gdb 7.4 with the above patches.  To
make use of gdb-python you must install python 2.7.x available via

To update:

mingw-get update
mingw-get upgrade gdb

Since gdb-python is new, if you with to use it you must:

mingw-get install gdb-python

Please report any issues to the mingw-users mailing list.


Chris Sutcliffe

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