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Updated: binutils-2.19

Chris Sutcliffe-2
I've promoted binutils-2.19 to the 'Current Release' of binutils.  The
binary package is available here:


For a complete list of changes in the 2.19 release follow this link:


This version of binutils was compiled from the vanilla 2.19 sources,
as released by the FSF.

The source tarball, available here, differs from the stock FSF
release, only insofar as it:--

* Corrects chronology of the timestamps for the the files bfd/elf.c,
  bfd/elf.texi and bfd.info, thus eliminating a requirement to install
  `makeinfo' prior to building.

* Includes the two files ld/deffilep.c and ld/deffilep.h, which appear
  to have been erroneously omitted from the FSF release; this eliminates
  a requirement to install `bison' prior to building.


Chris Sutcliffe

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