Some weird problem with a library

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Some weird problem with a library

Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes

I am experiencing some weird problems with a XP box.  I have no problem to do the same stuff on another machine running Vista.

Here is the error

g95 arm_model.o main.o -o Arm.exe  C:/dislin/dismg_d.a -luser32 -lgdi32  C:/muesli/libfml.a C:/muesli/libblas.a C:/muesli/liblapack.a C:/muesli/libtmglib.a C:/muesli/dummy_papi.o
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0x2d7): undefined reference to `zswap_'
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0x547): undefined reference to `zswap_'
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0x589): undefined reference to `zswap_'
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0x5cb): undefined reference to `zswap_'
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0xb6d): undefined reference to `zswap_'
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgeqp3.o):zgeqp3.f:(.text+0xbaf): more undefined references to `zswap_' follow
C:/muesli/liblapack.a(zgecon.o):zgecon.f:(.text+0x246): undefined reference to `izamax_'

Blas, lapack and tmglib compiled ok under XP-mingw-msys.  Test went ok etc.

What could be wrong?

Many thanks

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