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Adam Rosi-Kessel
I've got the same problem. sh.exe stack dumps whatever I try to build.
Right now I'm trying to build gnucash and songbird, each according to
the recommended build method. The stack dumps seem random -- sometimes I
get a few steps into the build; sometimes it dumps immediately. I am
never able to complete a build.

I've tried msys 1.0.1, as well as the latest stable version (1.0.10).
I've also tried the mozilla-build 1.3 msys, as recommended by songbird.
They all behave the same.

I've never had a logitech camera and have none of the related drivers or
services that seem to come up most frequently in discussions of this

The only thing I've noticed is disabling on-access virus scanning seems
to slightly reduce the frequency of crashes, but I'm still not able to
build anything.

Any ideas?

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