Problem in runnong jpeg9b

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Problem in runnong jpeg9b

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Hello sir/madam,
     I am having 64 bit windows 10 operating system. I installed MinGW. I have downloaded libjpeg from Then I have unzipped it.  I run MSYS  . Then I configured and done make install. Then I run ranlib /usr/local/lib/libjpeg.a. Afer that run ldconfig /usr/local/lib.

DELL@DESKTOP-aaa /home1/jpegsrc.v9b/jpeg-9b

DELL@DESKTOP-aaa /home1/jpegsrc.v9b/jpeg-9b
$ cd ..

$ ldconfig /usr/local/lib
sh: ldconfig: command not found

It gives error ldconfig: command not found.

I am not getting the problem. Please help me.