Older duplicate files in gdb 6.8 release candidate

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Older duplicate files in gdb 6.8 release candidate

Steve Chapel
I'm trying out the release candidates of binutils 2.19 and gdb 6.8 with GCC
3.4.5, and I've noticed one problem. It seems that gdb contains some copies
of files (e.g. include/ansidecl.h and lib/libbfd.a) that are also contained
in binutils, and gdb has older versions of those files. I'm not sure why gdb
has duplicates of these files, because someone doing development with GCC
will need binutils anyway.

I suggest a making new release candidate of gdb, with one of the following
* Remove the duplicate files from gdb
* Update the files in gdb to the newer versions in binutils

I also wonder why the gdb file is compressed in bzip2 format, when all the
others are compressed using gzip. Is there a reason for this?

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