New sbuild release - native i686-mingw-w64 and MSYS2

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New sbuild release - native i686-mingw-w64 and MSYS2

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I am happy to announce that new version of sbuild[1], based on MSYS2, is
now more-or-less ready for use by someone who isn't me. disclaimer: sbuild is not related to (apart from
some common patches and one package) and is not supported by

Sbuild is a set of scripts to download and build fully-functional MSYS2
environment and a i686-mingw-w64 toolchain, and a great number of packages.
The toolchain is native (similar to the one provides).

Unlike previous versions, which depended on MSYS1 from, and on
mingw-w64 toolchain from rubenvb (for bootstrapping a newer mingw-w64
toolchain), this one depends only on Debian (well, and Python, but that
have always been the case).

First core set of MSYS2 packages is cross-compiled from Debian[2], same
goes for the mingw-w64 toolchain[3].
Then a script[4] (running on Windows) downloads these and builds the
rest of MSYS2 and mingw packages (more than 100).

For those of you who can't cross-compile, i have binaries, so that you
only need run the Windows part.


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