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Mingw-get GUI anomaly

Edward Diener
In the mingw-get GUI program the "Basic Setup" and the "All Packages"
sections are not kept in sync, making the program more difficult to use
than it should be.

If I first start the program, with nothing installed yet, nothing is
marked, which is as it should be. Now I do to "Basic Setup |
mingw32-base | Mark for Installation", and I see various packages under
"All Packages" marked. Although I do not like the idea that gcc and its
dependencies are chosen by default with "mingw32-base" I can live with
it ( I think it should be a separate item in "Basic Setup" as some
people like me will install different versions of gcc on top of their
MingW base system ). However if I now do "Basic Setup | mingw32-base |
Unmark" and look at "All Packages" again, expecting nothing to be
marked, I still see all the items marked that were previously marked
when "mingw32-base" was marked.

This can't be right. I do realize that mingw-get is still a work in
progress so I am hoping this is corrected.

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