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I am writing to enquire what the best way to get support for DX applications in MinGW is. I'm aware of the DXSDK (both the legacy version from June 2010, and the newer versions shipped with the Windows SDK). However, this is a massive download (June 2010 requires 571MB packed!) which I don't have space for.

Is there some kind of way to get a minimalist version of the DXSDK that will work for DX9? Allegro offers but it's outdated, lacks necessary dlls and doesn't play nice with system installations of the DX runtime (at least on my Win10 machine).

I believe libtool will allow me to create *.a archives of MS DX dlls and def files, but I don't know which ones I need (don't know which headers would be required either).

I know MSYS2 and mingw-w64 package their own versions of DX, and DX applications from Allegro work with them, but Allegro applications built with vanilla MinGW gcc 5.3.0 and from Allegro do not. I am trying to remedy this.

The general feeling I get is that people want to drop support for MInGW and I want to make sure this doesn't happen.

What options do I have? Where can I find a working minimalist version of the DXSDK (v9 or later) that works with MinGW? Am I forced to create my own? I'm under the impression that's not legal somehow.

Advice and options welcome.

Marc Davenport

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